Rapper Trina’s Half Brother Threatens To Knock Local Female Rapper Out!

Local artist “GEISHA” has started a movement about being on LHH MIAMI and it is the latest gossip in the M.I.A.

Geisha uploaded a video on her facebook page (Lageisha Dean) with the artist Trina talking about turning down the offer of being on Love & Hip Hop Miami in November 2014. The video drew the attention of Trina fans and family members. One of the family members that responded to the video was Trina’s half brother Antonio Jones also known as “Snoop.” He was so upset he replied.

Trina’s half brother

Geisha actually brought some tension to her social page promoting being on the reality show. 

Geisha & Snoop

So this dude really wants to knock a woman out on camera?

The artist Geisha respond to Snoop’s threat by posting an old video and diss song of the artist Trina on her facebook page (True Facts).


The artist Geisha continues her movement to be on the reality show this year

Love and Hip Hop Miami

This is the video that started the fued
👉Love & Hip Hop Miami


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