Meeting Someone That’s Not Your Type.

Single women will encounter someone who they wouldn’t normally go for but trying not to be shallow can put you in an awkward situation.

   Men normally approach women they find interest in and now days women have become dominate as well. Women are the aggressors and are now going after what they want. This act can also sometimes be misleading if you step to a man that likes picking his women. Some men feel as thou it’s a sign that the woman is interested in going to bed with him and others feel like it’s a woman who knows what she wants. When a woman approaches a man it’s not always about sex. With the rate of homosexuality, married men, dead beats and men that find themselves buried into their careers woman don’t have alot of options. So when she sees someone that looks like he has husband potentials and she finds him attractive she will approach him.

        If you are not a woman’s type anything will turn her off that maybe irritable, disgusting or annoying. She will end what ever started between her and that person immediately. Which is only best instead of living a lie.

Don’t play with people emotions and don’t mislead them if you know they are not who  you want.

Cut ties! In a respectful way.


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