Watch “Fort Worth Tx seven year old choked by man/police brutality” on YouTube

IMPORTANT. For the very first time you are seeing the body cam video of Officer William Martin of the Fort Worth Police Department grossly harassing then brutally assaulting a mother and her family after SHE called the police on a white man in the neighborhood who choked her 7 year old son. 
Now, with this video, we learn:
1. The neighbor admits to assaulting child – FWPD declines to charge neighbor 
2. When the previously seen FB live video ends officer Martin uses excessive force to get 19y/o to answer his question twisting her handcuffed arms above her head 
3. Officer Martin is seen kicking handcuffed 15y/o seconds after she attempts to wiggle into his car without the use of her hands.
4. We now know Officer Martin has a history of excessive force including misuse of taser in 2013 against black boys at Dunbar High School and that even that report references previous history of excessive force 
5. We now know Officer Martin falsified his affidavit on this incident to justify false charges against Craig family.
Body cam video 
– This footage shows for the first time officer Martin speaking with neighbor who admits to grabbing child by the neck and forcing him to pick up litter.
– Footage also shows what happens when Brea Hymond’s phone is taken by Martin. He demands her age and when she doesn’t give it he takes her handcuffed arms and twist them above her head in a display excessive force and use of pain compliance. 
– He brags that he is recording to but his is in HD. #InjusticeInHD
Martin False Affidavit 
– Before the facebook live video went viral Martin complete this affidavit for the magistrate judge that arraigned Craig and her two daughters. In order to justify false charges he lies about several facts clearly proven false by his body cam video. Martin states while he was handcuffing Jacqueline Craig, Brea Hymond pushed him. Brea Hymond never approaches Martin as she stands at a distance recording the incident. He further states Craig pulled away her arms and actively tried to resist arrest. This never happens.
– He also states Brea Hymond pulled away arms resisting arrest, this never happened.
– He further states Jacqueline Craig refused to identify herself, which she is seen doing in the video.


Misue of Force Investigation 8/6/2013
– GO 504.01J(9)(d) – CED’s are prohibited from being used on any subject who attempts to flee or resist detention or arrest.
On 5-24-13, at approximately 0151hrs, Officer Martin deployed his taser to                     stop a fleeing subject.
Improper Taser Use Report – 
– Officer Martin was the only one of six officers responding to black males on the roof of Dunbar HS to inappropriately deploy his taser in apprehending the students. Most supervisors justified the misuse of weapon, one captain spoke up and described the misuse and referenced Martin’s history of use of force issues.
– Captain Edwin Kraus states “Officer has to know that suspect is armed to qualify to use taser under d(1). Under d(2), just being in a “tactical disadvantage” does not appear to authorize taser use in this circumstance because suspect was just running and was 25 feet away during the 1st missed deployment, and about 23 feet away when taser made contact while AP was fleeing. The incident also does not fit the requirement listed under d(3). Please take appropriate action based upon officers’ history concerning use of force issues.” 

Page 20 recommendation 26 adopted by FWPD 

Martin IA Statement – establishes these weapons shouldn’t be deployed at fleeing suspects
– “The W/M stated that a child had thrown a piece of trash in his yard. The W/M approached the child and grabbed his arm and told him to pick up the trash. When the child refused, the W/M grabbed the child by the back of the neck and demanded that the child pick up the trash.” 
This admission to officer Martin has been repeatedly denied by the FWPD.
The FWPD declined to refer charges concerning the neighbor to the the District Attorney.
– “I used my foot to push the younger daughter’s legs inside the vehicle so that I could shut the door”


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