Watch “Khia Tries To Disrespect Remy but Miami Rapper Geisha Turns On The Shade!” on YouTube

Miami rapper Geisha continues to throw shade at the My Neck And Ny Back Rapper Khia for imitating her by putting out a diss on  artist(with no legitimate beef) in Miami 3months after Geisha’s interview about the same artist in the Ozone Magazine Memorial Day Weekend 2006 six. Geisha calls Khia copy cat and a opportunist. This year (2017) & last year taking cheap shots at Miami and stating that the rapper Geisha didn’t make it out her county. So the rapper Geisha respond with one hell of a diss track called “ABOLISH.”

Geisha doesn’t take cheap shots lightly. Khia used the rapper Geisha idea of dissing the rapper Trina to become relevant again in 2006 but Geisha diss track dropped in October of 2005. Khia has been coming for Miami ever since. Geisha flames Khia every chance she gets (No Filter).
#TeamGeisha #Remy #Papoose #Khia #Miami #DadeCounty #DissMusic #Rap #Tampa #ATL #Florida #Georgia
That hoe Khia is just trying to not Respond to the diss track I just put out about her…..

Geisha is a beast
Geisha invades Khia’s Hometown Tampa for a live interview Sunday 3/12/2017.


#TeamGeisha #Remy #Papoose #Khia #Miami #DadeCounty #DissMusic #Rap #Tampa #ATL #Florida #Georgia



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