Trina and Khia


Miami rapper Geisha is a complete savage when it comes to stepping on the washed up rappers Khia and Trina necks. Geisha has a bone to pick with both ladies. Geisha claims that Trina wants to be the only known female rapper from Miami and that the artist sabatoges othet female emcess located in Miami behind their back (throwing rocks hiding your hand as Geisha would put it). Geisha recently went on a slaughter rampage towards the artist Khia originally from Tampa Fl. Geisha claims Khia has been riding her wave since 2005 (ever since Geisha dropped a diss song about Trina). Geisha says Khia imatatesd her entirely. The under ground artist states that Khia started a beef with Trina and Jacki O because she read her issue in Ozone magazine and appeared in the exact same magazine 3 months later imatating Geisha.


Geisha last attack on the rapper Trina was because she took to live on facebook saying no one from her hometown will be on the reality show (love and hip hop miami) unless she says so. Geisha has been promoting for Mona Scott Young to come back and do a segment in Miami ever since Geisha read that they offered Miami a segment and CEO’s and Producers on South Beach turned them away. Geisha reached out to VH1, MONAMI and Ms Mona. After Trina confessed to sabatoging artist in Miami Geisha has gone ham and is not letting up. She says she will nevet let up off Khia because she is always in Miami’s business and is not from here and has no legitimate beef.

This underdog is making so much noise and I don’t think she will ever stop until she gets her big break.


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