Love & Hip Hop Miami

I Know We Are Not Forgetting “GEISHA”


Geisha should be on LHH MIAMI

     Geisha is the local artist in Miami that started her own promotion seeking the attention of VH1 and Mona Scott Young to come back to Miami to film a LHH Miami after being turned away by Producers Ceo’s Artists and Promoters.
They claimed Miami didn’t want to be apart of the reality show because Miami was too real for the show. Geisha felt other wise

Love And Hip Hop Miami

    Geisha started a promotional page on facebook showing homage to all the major artist who were known in Miami. She grabbed the attention of local viewers in her home town and people located outside of Miami. Geisha typed up a proposal, had everyone retweeting “We Want Love and Hip Hop Miami”, Post advertisement on facebook and Instagram. She had famous people such as the comedian Sinbad and a few models & actresses retweeting so that she can get the attention of the directors and creators of the show.
It would only be right if Geisha gets a spot on the reality show. She even caught the attention of Mona Scott Young on Instagram and Mona liked her promos.



    We all know reality shows are for new faces and has beens. People who are trying to refuel their flames and people who are trying to create a fire. Let Geisha be great. You can only keep her in hiding for only so long because as she has shown in the past she is the ultimate “Trail Blazer.”





   Everyone get involved post, retweet and share that we want GEISHA on the show. It’s Only Right.


GEISHA is the voice of “We Want Love And Hip Hop Miami!”


2 thoughts on “Love & Hip Hop Miami

  1. If that’s the case I should be on LLH MIAMI. At one point me, Trick Daddy, and Trina was the 3 most popular rappers out of Miami. I had a top billboard chart single U KNOW U GHETTO. The song did extremely well on nationwide radio and BET. My stage name was bishop and I sold units in every state in america. Soon after I signed with Trick Daddy on his label Dunk Ryder Records. I was his hypeman and sometimes road manager. I released a few mixtapes that did pretty good in the streets. We changed my name to BAD GUY and the streets ran with it.


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